Hiroaki Wagatsuma's Visit

Hiroaki Wagatsuma from Kyutech University is visiting us from June 12th to July 28th.
He will give a talk on Wednesday, June 19th at 11 am at LORIA (C005).

Title: “Brain-inspired robotics: Neural Dynamics for the Body Coordination and Interactions with the Environment”
Abstract: The first issue that we tackled was the elucidation of the mechanism how

different time scales of a behavior and synapses are associated according to
the rhythm and he currently extended it to the question of how a rhythm (a
specific type of the limit cycle in the system) transits to the other,
dynamically and sophisticatedly, i.e. a structural design of the trajectory or
self-organization of multiple rhythms for a complex function. For example, a
synchronous motion spontaneously appears in communication between persons faced
each other and their motions differentiate as time advances because they need
to express the own expressions each other. A typical example is an interactive
game with motions. For judging or proceeding from a stage to the next stage,
the counterpart with a different motion have to synchronize at some moment,
which is a result to compete and determine which is winner, or looser. A
possible hypothesis is that such a quasi-equilibrium state is emerged from the
coupling between the behavioral coordination and neuronal dynamics including
the coordination and a conflict in the internal decision-making process.

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